How are HSK scores calculated?

The HSK examination is divided into six different levels, ranging from the least difficult to the most difficult. A written and an oral test must be taken before a certificate can be awarded. In addition, there is also a minimum threshold of scores required for the examination to be validated. The number of points to be reached increases at each level and if you do not manage to accumulate them you must retake it.

How do I prepare for the HSK exam to get the maximum score?

In order to obtain maximum scores during the HSK Mandarin exam, you must prepare yourself well with online exercises. You will need to find an international website that offers online course subscriptions. Indeed, there are online help websites that offer you exercise formats similar to the ones you will take on D-Day. You can find exercises, answers and some explanations to help you understand. In addition, a training website will also give you an HSK mock exam similar to the one you will take on D-Day to train. Indeed, you have to manage the time allocated for each section in order to be able to answer all the questions and thus put all the chances on your side. You must therefore train well to avoid panic during the real test and concentrate well. Visit GlobalExam if you are interested in passing your HSK®.

What are the different levels of the HSK test?

The HSK test also called Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi is a test with 6 different levels. You have to pass each level and validate it to obtain a certificate. For levels 1 and 2 the exam contains oral and written comprehension. For level 3, there is written expression in addition. Thus, the time allocated for each exam is different for each level. As the degree of difficulty rises at each level, the time allotted rises equally. For level 1, it lasts 35 minutes without more and for level 2, it lasts 55 minutes without more as well. For the other levels: level 3 lasts 90 minutes, level 4 lasts 105 minutes, level 5 lasts 125 minutes and level 6 lasts 140 minutes. You can also choose your examination centre at a location that suits you, but the location of the examination will depend on them. You can also choose dates based on your availability.

How are HSK scores calculated?

HSK scores are calculated according to the level you have passed. As there are 6 test levels during the exam, the points you will earn will depend on the level in question. Indeed, the scores for the Level 1 and Level 2 exams differ from Level 3 up to 6. For Level 1 and Level 2, the score to be obtained for each level is 200 points. That is 100 points for reading comprehension and 100 points for listening comprehension. As written expression only enters from level 3 onwards, the scores are limited to 200 points. You must therefore have a total of 120 out of 200 points for both levels to pass with flying colours. If you have one point less, you must retake the exam a second time at the next exam opening. For Level 3 to Level 6, the total score required is 300 points. They are divided into 100 points for written comprehension, 100 for oral comprehension and 100 for written expression. You must score at least 180 points out of 300 to pass these three levels.

When are the HSK exam results posted?

The results of the Chinese or HSK test exams are available only one month after the test. Therefore, you should allow one month from the day of the test to know your final score. To view the results, you will not need to travel, as they will be available online. You must therefore enter the website where the exam results are published and consult the list of admissions. In addition, they are also sent by mail at the same time as they come out online. This way, if you pass the exams, you can obtain a certificate that will serve you throughout your career and life. Indeed, if you want to enter a Chinese university, you must obtain this certificate in order to study there. Since Mandarin will be the language of instruction, you need to pass these tests and be proficient in this language throughout your studies. This will be a necessary sesame to authenticate your skills, for future job searches. Mandarin is a great asset for international applications.
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