Student Life

What are the best jobs for students?

Which job is best suited to finance your studies? Newspaper salesman, babysitter, leaflet distributor, security guard in a university campus, waiter, school supervisor, caterer, usher in a theatre, entertainer, there are many others. In fact, when it comes to student…

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How can you take advantage of your student status on a daily basis?

A person who attends university has either student status or student employee status. However, more than half of French students are employed. Since they cannot afford to pay all their expenses, some organizations and communities offer them special privileges. This…

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Student accommodation: what if you rent a room in a private home?

If you are looking for student accommodation, renting from a private individual may be the ideal solution. More and more appreciated for its user-friendliness, this practice offers real opportunities in terms of savings, but has certain constraints. Here is a…

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Student housing: university room or flat share?

When you go abroad to study abroad, you will need a house to stay in. Your home should be close enough to the university you are attending to avoid traffic congestion in the city. Be aware that you have 2…

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How do I apply for a student scholarship?

Going to university requires a lot of funding. It affects many students. Some students want to finish their studies, but they cannot. They do not have enough money to continue their education. The social criteria offer student bursaries to help…

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Student Loan : How does zero rate loan work?

The Tauz Zero Student Loan is designed for students who are looking for sources of funding for expenses during the year, including tuition, food, transportation and housing. It’s true that financing expenses for all of these items is not very…

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