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Synthetic Biology

Unlocking the Potential of Synthetic Biology through iGEM

Synthetic biology is a rapidly growing field that is revolutionizing the way we design and build biological systems. The iGEM competition is providing a platform for young scientists to showcase their talents and to develop their skills in synthetic biology….

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master's degree in management

How to access a master’s degree in management?

A master’s degree in management can open up a world of opportunity for your career. With the right education and training, you can become a manager in a variety of industries and organizations. The first step to accessing a master’s…

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What are the best ways to become bilingual quickly?

Young children are able to learn two languages simultaneously, or simply by hearing them speak. The task is much harder for older people. For them, learning a new language can take a long time. They already have a busy schedule,…

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Studying abroad: how do you go about it?

Most students dream of continuing their studies abroad, but they do not all succeed for a variety of reasons. Indeed, there are certain conditions and steps to follow to get there. Studying abroad is part of some young people’s fantasies….

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What are the advantages of a work-study program?

Many young people decide to pursue studies that combine theory and practice and wish to enter the world of employability. For example, they opt for work-linked studies. The percentage of students who embark on these courses every year continues to…

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IQ Testing and Student Orientation

In the social context, IQ tests find their applications in many different cases. On the one hand, at the school level, they make it possible to define the academic orientation of each of the students in a given class according…

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How do you find your post-bac orientation?

Post-bac orientation is essential to ensure a better future. Currently, more and mgore students are opting for Post-bac schools instead of preparatory courses because of the many advantages they offer. Find out how to find your Post-bac orientation. Why should…

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