What are the best ways to become bilingual quickly?

Young children are able to learn two languages simultaneously, or simply by hearing them speak. The task is much harder for older people. For them, learning a new language can take a long time. They already have a busy schedule, so they are forced to leave other activities behind. The questions that many people ask themselves are: what does it mean for an adult to learn a language? What is the best way to become bilingual? What is effective? If you are currently involved, or think you might one day be, you will find this article to be both encouraging and relevant.

Essential qualities to become bilingual

Humility is one of the essential qualities. When you learn a language, you have to accept to speak like a child and be treated like one. Forget your pride and dignity. Do not take yourself too seriously if others laugh at your faults, laugh with them. One day you will amuse your friends by telling them about your blunders. You also need to be flexible and open, learning a new language means discovering a new culture. You will discover that there is more than one way of seeing and doing things. No one culture is better than the others. It is just different. In the courses that interest you, time passes quickly, you retain easily. It's the same for studying a language, you must be passionate about it. If you manage to do the course, it's a fun and playful moment. However, you have to be realistic, you may never pass for a native speaker. So, if it is difficult to express yourself fluently, don't be offended. You also have to be patient; you can't become bilingual overnight. Learning a new language can take months or even years. For more information, visit the Global-Exam website.

Different learning aids

The school is usually the place to learn a new language. Nowadays, very young children can learn a foreign language in primary school. This is the first step. Then, the language in question is studied more intensively in middle and high school. This allows children and teenagers to acquire basic grammar and vocabulary. Taking classes also helps to fill in the gaps. Indeed, these courses are an indispensable element in becoming bilingual quickly. In small groups or individually. We can help a student in his schooling, and adults in their free time. You can also use the applications to progress in the language. Learning can be done through daily exercises or by making the person speaking the language you are interested in a continuous exchange. These applications are unquestionably good tools of pedagogical interest. They can be adapted to all age levels and to the rhythm of each one. For a few years now, games have been used to teach children a foreign language, today the concept of Serious Gaming is being developed everywhere to train adults as well.

Tests to evaluate your competence

You learn a foreign language for a number of reasons (personal, professional, financial) and we propose recognized tools to measure your level. The TOEIC is an evaluation test that the American organization ETS proposes, it measures your ability to speak English in the professional world TOEIC: Listings ℜding is the test most requested by universities. TOEIC Speaking & writing: it is a test to evaluate your level of oral and written expression. The TOEIC: Bridge evaluates those with intermediate levels (A1 to B1). TOEFL ''Test of English as foreign Language'' requested by American universities and those of English-speaking countries to evaluate your current level in English. IELTS : ''International English language Testing System'' is designed to test the ability of people who want to study or work and for whom English is the language of communication. HSK: it is a Global exam to test and evaluate the level of those who are not Chinese, but who can speak their language.

Language stay for quick learning

Language trips are very beneficial for language learning. These trips allow you to discover new horizons and a new culture. You can also sharpen your curiosity and your desire to open up to the world. The language would no longer be a subject you study to broaden your knowledge, but an asset that allows you to travel and exchange with others. The destination may be Spain, or Malta, or England, or Ireland, or the United States. Thanks to these trips, one can become bilingual quickly. Indeed, one is forced to speak the language of the country and to communicate with the inhabitants who speak the language on a daily basis. The language bath is a great asset to become bilingual in a short period of time. In addition to the lessons you take with the teachers of the host country, language stays allow you to put into practice what you have learned. Watching a film in VO is very fun and profitable to learn the language. It will allow you to quickly learn new expressions and vocabulary.
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