What score should I get on the TOEIC exam?

The TOEIC or Test Of English for International Communication is a standardized English exam that is widely recognized worldwide. The TOEIC test is often used to assess a person's ability to communicate in an English-speaking professional setting. Candidates may be employees of companies or students, as the TOEFL is sometimes used in higher education courses. The TOEIC is then a test that certifies your competence in business English. The TOEIC exam tests your oral and written comprehension or expression of English.

Which score is the best on the TOEIC test?

In today's world, fluency in English is necessary. This language favors admission to colleges of higher education or simply to carry out internships abroad. A good level of English is also essential in order to be recruited in a renowned international company or to apply for positions in organizations working around the world. The TOEIC test is used as a reference by thousands of companies. It is the basis of reflection for recruiters. Indeed, the TOEIC test is linked with the European scale CECRL. A correlation that guarantees the reliability of the TOEIC. However, taking the TOEIC test is not easy. Therefore, if you wish to prepare yourself as well as possible for this exam, visit global-exam.com online platform and learn more about the TOEIC  Exam preparation. You will find an online solution that allows you to practice for the TOEIC under real conditions. You will have the opportunity to take mock tests that correspond to the real test. You will quickly boost your score! Generally, the TOEIC test is divided into two parts and lasts 2 hours. The first part, which is a test of written comprehension, lasts 45 minutes and the second part, which is a test of oral comprehension, lasts 75 minutes. Each part of the test can give the candidate up to 495 points and in total the applicant can score up to 990 points. This is the ideal score for the TOEIC test.

What is the structure of the TOEIC test?

Generally speaking, the order of the two sections is the same, since each section consists of 4 exercises with 100 questions. During the test, audio excerpts are given only once and there is only one correct answer per question. During the listening section, you must answer questions related to the audio recordings you are listening to. Therefore, you must follow the timing required by the audio excerpts and write the answer on your sheet. However, for the "reading" section, which has 4 exercises to complete, you have the opportunity to manage your time as you see fit. But manage it well! The topics covered during the TOEIC therefore assess the candidates' ability to understand English used in the business world.

Why take the TOEIC?

Many organizations and companies test the level of business English of their applicants through the TOEIC. As is the case with banks and auditing, employers ask their future employees to certify their level of English by having a minimum score on the TOEIC exam. The TOEIC therefore promotes an accurate and objective assessment of the level of professional English. With a good test score, you can distinguish yourself from other competitors in the context of a possible recruitment. For this reason, taking the TOEIC and obtaining a high score on the test is very important if you want to be hired in the most attractive and competitive sectors.

What are the advantages of having a high TOEIC score?

Having a good TOEIC test score is a privilege:

To boost your CV

Currently, the TOEIC is considered an asset in a CV, in order to get a good job. Recruiters estimate that from a TOEIC score of 850, the candidate can secure a position internationally. The TOEIC then allows you to boost and improve your CV and thus easily find a job.

To continue your studies

The international mobility of young people is growing rapidly. Many go abroad for higher education. Although they assess the level of English, the TOEIC is also required. A TOEIC score of more than 750 points is required for admission.

To enter a specialized master's degree

The majority of students who wish to follow a course in English, especially a specialized master's degree, must affirm their level of English. If you take the TOEIC test to enter an MBA, you must have a score above 850; however, regardless of the score required to be accepted, it is always vital to set a higher personal goal to distinguish yourself from other candidates. The TOEIC is therefore an international exam, recognized by several schools, companies and institutions. Having a good score on the TOEIC test has many advantages. So prepare your TOEIC exam carefully!
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