How do I apply for a student scholarship?

Going to university requires a lot of funding. It affects many students. Some students want to finish their studies, but they cannot. They do not have enough money to continue their education. The social criteria offer student bursaries to help students in difficulty. They help parents to finance their children's education. What is a student bursary? This question must be answered to understand the criteria for applying. You must then apply for a bursary.

Student bursary: definition

Before going to university, many students apply for student scholarships. Students try to get a scholarship to help them with their university life. Having a scholarship may be the dream of many students. Some people hear about the scholarship but don't understand how to get it. Before saying how to apply for a student bursary, it's best to understand what it is first. A student bursary is money given to simple students who do not have enough money to pay for everything they want. The CROUS on social criteria is the person responsible for the scholarship. It ensures that it finances part of the student's studies so that they can do and finish their studies. The social criteria mainly help students who do not have enough money to finish their studies. The help they receive is a complement to their studies. In order to get this assistance, to get this supplement with the social criteria, you have to apply. Apart from the social criteria, the Erasmus Plus scholarship and Aid for International Mobility offer a student scholarship to students in difficulty who need financial aid.

The criteria to be able to apply for a scholarship

Applying for a student scholarship is not for everyone who needs one. There are criteria. First of all, there is an age limit. Students under 28 years of age can apply for a student bursary. For an age, over 28, the application is no longer valid. There is one exception. For over 28 years of age, a student can still apply. There is one condition. The student herself must have already applied for a scholarship before she turns 28. The social criteria also check resources. They need to know the income ceilings to allow the student to obtain her scholarship. Since the bursary is only a financial supplement, they insure the student to complete her studies. A certificate of honour must be provided if the student is a foreigner. The degree will also be one of the conditions to be seen. The diploma and the transcript are important. This way they can see if the student can complete their studies to the end, that they are capable and can do better. Nationality is also included in the condition whether he or she is a national or a foreigner.

Applying for a scholarship

If there is no longer any doubt about the conditions necessary to apply for a student scholarship, an application can be made and submitted. To do so, a Student Social Record or DSE is required. There are some documents that must be prepared in order to complete the application. It is necessary to have a notice of authorization from the parents. It is important that the parents do not object to this decision. It is their funding that will be supplemented. The INE student number seen in the confirmation of registration for the Bac or the student number on the student card must be seen in the document. Now it is easier to apply. On the CROUS website, there is a form on which you can apply for a student bursary. You have to fill out the form to be registered. After filling out all the questions on the form, the only thing to do is to validate the registration. Then, you have to wait for the answer. A connection number and a file number will be received if the application is validated. In the event of an error, this can be tracked on the EHR.

When and where to apply for a student scholarship?

This question is asked by many students. Some students do not know this information. There is a period to apply for a student scholarship. It is then necessary to inquire. It is always necessary to be up to date to be aware of the beginning and end of a student scholarship application. The application must be made before the beginning of the academic year. One year before the beginning of the academic year, the application must be submitted. In this case, it is possible to receive the expected student scholarship on time. It may take time to process the student scholarship application. On the CROUS website, the Dossier Social Etudiant DSE can be done on social criteria. The website informs about all the things that have to be fulfilled. It is through the DSE that the application for a student scholarship can be made.
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