How can you take advantage of your student status on a daily basis?

A person who attends university has either student status or student employee status. However, more than half of French students are employed. Since they cannot afford to pay all their expenses, some organizations and communities offer them special privileges. This article gives you 4 ways to live your academic year to the fullest. Whether you are a student or a student-entrepreneur, find out how to take advantage of these benefits.

Show your student card to get discounts

For the first few years at university, knowing that presenting your student card offers several advantages of student status. As the student has a low income, cinemas and theatres offer discounts for his profile. These discounts can be as much as 50% or even 100% in museums. Students also have free access to libraries. To practice sports throughout the academic year, registration in sports clubs and swimming pools is cheaper for students. Even when traveling, it is possible to take advantage of discounts on public transportation. Train passes are also different for students. This allows you to get around without spending too much money. Also, to buy computer equipment, some department stores offer a 10% discount on certain products. In addition, many hair salons and fast food outlets offer their products and services at low prices for anyone who confirms their student status. Moreover, several websites offer reduced prices for students.

Become an entrepreneur and take advantage of the PEPITE structure's contributions

The advantages of student status give all academics the opportunity to set up a company creation project. To facilitate the development of your program, the PEPITE device is added to this advantage. The Pôle étudiant pour l'innovation le transfert et l'entrepreneuriat is a framework that gives you free access to advice and guidance from professionals. The condition of access to the student-entrepreneur status is: to be under 28 years old, to have a bachelor's degree, to be an entrepreneurial project leader and to pay the registration fees. For those interested in setting up a business, this scheme enables you to secure your project. The advantage is that you have the opportunity to follow a basic training course on business creation. The student is also able to replace his or her entrepreneurial project with a compulsory internship. In addition, he or she will benefit from certain resources such as premises and free advice. During his membership, he will obtain a diploma in entrepreneurship the D3E. This is none other than the former D2E. Moreover, in your CV, he also has the opportunity to mention "entrepreneurship" in order to value it.

Present your card to benefit from social assistance

The advantages of the student status are to benefit from the CAF or Caisses des allocations familiales. With the social housing allowance or ALS, the personalised housing assistance or APL and the family housing allowance or ALF, you are able to reduce the amount of your rent. The condition for receiving these social subsidies is to become eligible for one of them. To find out, simply carry out a simulation on the website of the family allowance fund. In addition to social assistance, a student can also receive preventive medicine and health promotion. This service is available in each university health service. Every student has the right to see a doctor there or to have a health check-up. Indeed, the consultation and the request for advice are free of charge. You do not have to pay a penny for any consultation related to family planning, vaccination, nutrition, screening or psychological follow-up. You should think about getting help to subscribe to a complementary mutual insurance company and have your health costs reimbursed.

Registering with Pôle emploi and receiving student unemployment benefit

As a general rule, a student in the course of study does not receive unemployment benefits. However, the exception is when they are engaged in casual work or training. In order to receive this assistance, the condition is to be permanently and effectively looking for a job. However, this situation seems imprecise in principle. Moreover, the Labour Code requires that a person registered with Pôle emploi be granted student status if he or she meets certain conditions. First, he or she must currently or recently be engaged in an occasional activity of less than 78 hours per month. The second context is that he or she must follow a training program of less than 40 hours or training leading directly to employment. Then, a recent graduate is also eligible. If the student is in these cases, he or she can register with Pôle emploi and receive unemployment benefits. In order to receive unemployment benefits of 492.57 euros per month for 12 months, other conditions must be met to benefit from the advantages of student status. Generally, the person must be able to work and be a French resident. If they have lost their job involuntarily and are actually looking for work, they can claim it.
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