What are the best jobs for students?

Which job is best suited to finance your studies? Newspaper salesman, babysitter, leaflet distributor, security guard in a university campus, waiter, school supervisor, caterer, usher in a theatre, entertainer, there are many others. In fact, when it comes to student jobs, there are so many that it is very difficult to choose. The worries are: what kind of career path should one have? With your profile, where can you apply? So, how do you get the best job to work while accommodating your studies? With this article, discover the different student jobs to finance your studies and make ends meet.

Jobs for students: catering

Among the best jobs for students, there are several vacancies in the restaurant world. There are the restaurant cashier, the bartender, the waiter, the banquet waiter, the chef, the dishwasher, the receptionist or the night watchman. Although experience is a definite advantage, working in a restaurant is a bit stressful because of the schedules and the very fast-paced nature of the job. There are also often difficult customers that you have to deal with. Not to mention that there is no training required. If you are applying in restaurants or hotels near tourist websites, you may also be asked to master foreign languages. In spite of this, you can earn tips and you can also benefit from extra hours of classes. As far as the contract is concerned, you can have a seasonal contract during the summer, a permanent or fixed-term contract for the rest of the time, or an extra contract that allows you to work exceptionally. If you wish to work in this area, please contact the restaurant manager directly and explain your motivation. If possible, consider offering your service to work on weekends and public holidays. Choose only the hours when you go to visit him, preferably during the hours when there are not many customers.

Jobs for students: distribution

Distribution is also one of the best jobs for students. You can be a salesperson, a cashier or a shelf stocker in a hypermarket, supermarket or department store. To be accepted in these jobs, it is mandatory that you are fast and available. For the contract, you will have a fixed-term or permanent full-time or part-time contract. Be aware that hypermarkets offer students a special contract. This allows students to work and study at the same time. Working hours vary between 8 and 25 hours a week. On exam days you work less, and during school holidays you work more. There are also occasional contracts such as during the Easter and Christmas holidays. To apply for these jobs, you can go to the point of sale and hand in your CV. There are also quite a few large chains that are currently organising direct online recruitment.

Jobs for students: education and babysitting

There are also better jobs for students in education. You can be a school supervisor, an activity leader, a university hall monitor, a sports leader. As an advantage, you can choose your working hours. You can also work with young people. For the contract, these jobs are usually on an occasional basis. If you are interested in these jobs, it would be better to go directly to the schools with your CV and find out how the student job works. As for babysitting, the contract is often casual. Usually in the evenings and every Wednesday. In order not to miss the offers that come up, it would be better to drop off your CV at day-care centres or schools. You can also drop it off at a specialized agency. However, this is not free of charge. What's more, the agency will only pay you a part of the amount paid by the parents. For these jobs, you should know that there are also websites on the Internet that offer you jobs.

Jobs for students: reception

Newspaper distributor, advertising flyer distributor, commercial animator are also the best jobs for students. Indeed, they are jobs in the hospitality industry. The contract for these jobs is often punctual and for only a few days, but it is worth it. As in commercial events, trade fairs, in different animations in company or not, in receptions, the host agencies offer you short missions in general. If you are interested in this type of job, you have to pass a casting in the agencies. To do so, take care of your image and be presentable.
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