Student accommodation: what if you rent a room in a private home?

If you are looking for student accommodation, renting from a private individual may be the ideal solution. More and more appreciated for its user-friendliness, this practice offers real opportunities in terms of savings, but has certain constraints. Here is a short tour of the subject to help you decide: principle, advantages, limits.

What does room rental at a private home consist of?

Many students nowadays turn to this type of rental to reduce the amount of their charges. In fact, this practice consists of renting a room from a private individual, in particular a furnished living room located in the residence or apartment of the lessor. The tenant must have access to certain rooms such as the bathroom, kitchen or living room. In addition, several criteria of decency must be respected for the rented room: . An area of at least 9 m², . A room with at least one window, . A room containing a minimum of furniture (storage, bedding and desk) and lighting. In some cases, the landlord can have the tenant sign an internal regulation to determine the conditions of cohabitation: visits, pets, waste management, use of common areas, etc. It is sometimes possible to limit access to certain rooms. As a habitable room rarely has an independent meter, the two parties will have to agree on the amount of charges and packages. Often fixed by the owner, these can be negotiable. To avoid any dispute, it is strongly recommended to draw up a contract (furnished rental) that protects you and allows you to benefit from financial aid such as APL. The lease lasts 9 months, but it is possible to cancel it with 1 month's notice.

Considerable advantages

Most students decide to rent a room with a private individual since it is above all an economical, simple and quick option. Rental rates defy all competition. They can be as much as half as expensive, especially in large cities like Paris or Marseille. You will thus be able to halve your expenses in terms of rents and thus better control your budget. This type of lease also makes it possible to reduce rental charges and ancillary costs that many tenants tend to neglect. Contrary to a classic rental, a room in a private home actually offers you the opportunity to save on additional costs such as Internet costs or property tax. In addition to being largely economical, this can also be more pleasant in everyday life. With a lower rent than that of an unhealthy studio apartment, you will have the opportunity to rent a clean and well-equipped room in a stylish and comfortable home. Naturally, living together and everyday life will be directly influenced by the affinity with the landlord. A room rented from a private person is therefore more convivial and ideal for those who do not want to be alone. It can also be reassuring and practical, especially if you are new to a city.

Some limits to be aware of

If renting a room from a private individual offers significant financial advantages, it undoubtedly implies making some concessions. You will have to make certain compromises in terms of freedom and privacy. Even if the practice is not regulated by the law, you will still have to respect the rules imposed by the landlord. If you are not at home, it is also advisable to follow the agreed terms, particularly for the use of common areas such as the kitchen or bathroom. If certain rooms should not be invaded by your personal objects, others cannot be squatted for hours (living room, terrace, etc.). Generally, the landlord cannot forbid visits to the rented room, but you will have to agree with the landlord on the noise level and the number of guests not to be exceeded. In reality, the disadvantages of this option are mainly a question of freedom. Fortunately, it often saves you from having to go through lengthy administrative procedures, unlike renting a studio or apartment.

How do I find a room rented from a local resident?

Currently, with the opportunities offered by the Internet, the search for student accommodation or a room to rent from a private individual has become easier. By making a quick search on the search engines, you will be able to find a multitude of offers of rooms for rent. Given the number of proposals, the ideal is to use an online comparator to quickly find the property adapted to your needs. Of course, you can also consult real estate websites, whether specialized or generalist, but to refine your search further, turn to the websites for real estate transactions between individuals. A stronghold of good deals, these platforms offer many offers to choose from. Finally, take the time to check certain elements before signing the rental lease: security deposit, insurance, minimum equipment on site (regulated by law), inventory of fixtures, etc.
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